Gen-I Network

Policy Change

Policy Change

We seek to effect policy change on the federal, state, and tribal level. We host policy and resource roundtable events with participants from the White House, federal agencies, tribal organizations, and Native youth. We collaborate with other national Native organizations to prioritize needs and develop coordinated policy positions.  

Policy and Resource Roundtable Series:
CNAY brings together representatives from 30 federal agencies and 10 national tribal organizations for quarterly roundtable meetings around Native American youth issues. During meetings, participants hear presentations from experts, community members, and Native American youth on topics like education, physical and mental health, public safety, housing and many others. The meetings are designed to encourage collaboration and coordinated action among federal agencies and with national tribal organizations. 

Federal Program Matrix:
The federal program matrix is designed to track key activities and programs developed, managed or funded by federal agencies which engage, or could in the future include, resources for Native American youth. The federal youth activities include programs, services, conferences, commissions, committees, and other opportunities or groups that specifically focus on or include Native American youth. The purpose is to provide federal agencies and other stakeholders with information about existing opportunities to share, connect and engage youth, as well as map federal resources related to Native American you

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