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Native Youth and Oral Health

In its outreach to over 5,000 Native youth, CNAY consistently hears that lack of access to dental care is a significant issue for Indian Country. As part of a collaborative effort to address the dental care needs of Native youth and their communities, CNAY is highlighting youth voices about access to care and the success of tribally-driven solutions. CNAY recently authored pieces in the Aspen Journal of Ideas and the Aspen Idea Summer Magazine (pages 78-81) on Native youth oral health issues. For more information on this initiative, click here.

For current scientific research about Native oral health, access to care and the power of tribally-driven solutions, click here.  
Recent op-eds and news pieces highlighting youth voices about lack of dental care access and the success of tribal solutions appeared in:
Click here for a collection of Native youth perspectives about oral health and access to dental care.
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