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Joaquin Gallegos

Joaquin Gallegos, Jicarilla Apache Nation & Pueblo of Santa Ana 

Age: 23
Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Joaquin has a strong passion in oral health and access to health care. As a college student, Joaquin collaborated with the Center for Native Oral Health Research at the Colorado School of Public Health to secure a grant for a study to determine the dental status of designated tribes in the southwest. Joaquin was able to play a strong role in the grant writing, ensured the participating tribes were approached respectfully, and made certain the research team adhered to the cultural standards of the communities. Aside from this research project, Joaquin is passionate about Indian health policy and hopes to continue to find ways to make a difference and improve the healthcare afforded to Native Americans.

Having informed decision-makers who have the best interest of tribes in mind is a key component of positively altering the current state of Indian health.” - Joaquin Gallegos, 2013 Champion for Change

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