Highlight Program

Highlight Program

Every two months the Center highlights an impactful youth initiative or program to make new connections, help provide support and increase awareness. This month we are shining a spotlight on…

Too many children in today's world are experiencing situations that are leaving a negative impact on their young bodies and minds. When surrounded by dangerous and abusive influences, how is a child to react, especially if those influences are coming from someone close to them?

The Brother Eagle Series was established as an education multimedia tool on behalf of the White Earth Police Department and the White Earth Nation in northern Minnesota. Designed to break the cycle of addiction and other behavioral issues at the earliest of ages, the series is currently comprised of five separate videos developed for the following age groups: Pre-K, 2nd Grade, 4th Grade, 7th Grade, and 9th Grade.

Each video is broken down into short segments that present specific topics in an age-appropriate manner. Educators have the option to either cover video topics separately or as a whole. Emphasis lies with students learning problem solving skills and reinforcing healthy lifestyle choices.

Subjects covered throughout the video series include:

Bullying/Cyber Bullying               Physical abuse                        Sexual abuse  

Substance abuse                      Anger Management                  Prescription drugs      

Self Esteem                              Peer Pressure                         Smoking         

Alcohol                                     Illegal drugs                            Crisis Intervention       

Self-Harm                                 Historical Trauma                    Truancy                       

In addition to the video series, a workbook and lesson plan are also available to help educators better explain the dangers of these negative influences and how to offer help to any child in need.

For more information visit: http://results-unlimited.com/brothereagle/



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