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Dahkota Brown

Dahkota Brown, Wilton Miwok

Age: 15 
Hometown: Jackson, California 

Dahkota is a freshman in high school who understands the importance of education and the need for encouragement from peers, family, community and the school system. Dahkota started his own peer-to-peer study group called NERDS (Native Education Raising Dedicated Students). As part of this study group, Dahkota works with local high schools and middle schools to help Native American students better connect with and relate to lessons. His efforts include working with students to create mock-quizzes as well as reviewing homework and classwork. Through college diversity programs, Dahkota plans to arrange a field trip with his study group to visit colleges and universities in California to encourage his peers to apply for college and continue their hard work in high school.     

I think we are the future and the voice of our tribal nations and the need for education and a college degree is more important than ever.” - Dahkota Brown, 2013 Champion for Change

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