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Gen-I NativeYouth Challenge

Here's how it works: Youth 14-24, Indian tribes, non-profits, and educational institutions are invited to join the National Native Youth Network by accepting the Gen-I Challenge

Who: Individuals, youth councils, and youth groups can participate as Challenge Acceptors. Indian tribes, tribal leaders as well as non-profit organizations, colleges, universities, and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) can become acceptors by helping their youth and students complete the Gen-I Challenge!

Youth and others can accept the challenge by following this LINK and committing to take the following steps!

Step 1: ACT. Within 30 days of taking the challenge, youth should work with other youth in their community or at their school to do something positive of their choosing (for example: completing a volunteer project with a local organization or charity, hosting a meeting with other youth to brainstorm how to address an issue of concern in their community, or becoming a mentor to a younger person).

Youth can use
TOOLKITS from the National Native Youth Network and their partners to help you in this work. Their local tribal youth council, urban tribal youth group, or Native youth organization can also be a resource. 

Step 2:  CAPTURE. Document your community efforts through a short summary (3-4 sentences) and with photos and video! 

Step 3: SHARE. Share your story online using #GenI and send the National Nat
ive Youth Network your story by clicking "Share Your Gen-I Story" on the left -- The White House may even feature your story! 

Step 4: PARTICIPATE. Participate in the National Native Youth Network and connect with other Native youth throughout the country through conference calls and online chats. These calls and chats give you the opportunity to meet and exchange resources with young leaders like you! You can also participate by signing up to be an Ambassador!

All Gen-I acceptors are uploaded and placed onto the Gen-I Network Map. Click here to learn more about and to view the map. 

Organizations, colleges, universities, and TCUs can take the Gen-I Challenge too by committing to help their youth and students complete the Gen-I Challenge! They just follow this LINK to get signed up!

The following organizations (and many others not listed) have already committed to take the Gen-I Challenge and get their youth on board! 

Gen-I Native Youth Challenge Acceptors
American Indian College Fund
American Indian Higher Education Consortium
Boys and Girls Club of America
Center for Native American Youth at the Aspen Institute
National American Indian Education Association
National Congress of American Indians
National Indian Child Welfare Association
National Indian Health Board
United National Indian Tribal Youth
National Coalition of Native American College Placement Services
United Indian Health Services
Flying With Eagles
American Indian Association of Illinois
United Tribes Technical College
Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health
Schilling Media
Pitzer College
Red Cloud Indian School
National Indian Gaming Association
Red Eagle Soaring
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