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CNAY Publications

CNAY Publications

Below are publications produced by the Center for Native American Youth. These documents share information about important issue areas for Native youth throughout the country.

For the most recent CNAY news and announcements, visit our blog. There, you'll also find our Newsletter and Native Opportunities Weekly (NOW) archives. 

 Voices of Native Youth Reports

CNAY conducts roundtables and listening sessions across the country to gather priorities from Native youth and share them with partners and stakeholders who work together to address those issues. CNAY's Voices Reports outline priorities heard from young Indian people, and can be downloaded by clicking any of the links or images below:

Access the Voices of Native Youth Report Volume IV by clicking here or on the image below.

Screenshot of cover page of Voices Report Volume 4

Access the Voices of Native Youth Report Volume III by clicking here or on the image below.

                               Screenshot: Voices of Native Youth Report Volume 3

Click here or on the image below to access the Voices of Native Youth Report Volume II released in 2013. 


Please click here or on the image below to view Voices of Native Youth Report Volume I, released in 2011. 

 Fast Facts 

This two-page document provides a quick list of statistics concerning demographic information, challenges, and data related to education, health care, and other major issues in Indian Country. Click here to download CNAY’s Fast Facts.  

 Native American Youth 101

To better understand the issues facing Native youth today, CNAY created the Native American Youth 101 document to help share information about the historical context and current status of Indian Country and Native American Youth. Click here to download this document.   

Native American Youth 101:

  • Describes Native American demographics;
  • Reviews documented needs in Indian Country;
  • Recognizes Native American youth priorities such as: 
    • Health Promotion
    • Education
    • Safety and juvenile justice; and
  • Highlights inspirational Native youth

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